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Protesters surrounding Tamar warned

October 03, 2014

The Government has warned protesters surrounding the Central Government Offices and the Chief Executive's Office in Tamar to immediately stop obstructing Police from delivering food and water, changing shifts and transporting the sick out of the premises.


The actions are illegal, extremely unreasonable and inhumane, and are even worse than that of radical social activists and amount to almost complete anarchy. Their actions have deviated from the aspirations of the Occupy Central movement.


The Government made the following six demands to protesters surrounding the Tamar complex:
* Protesters should stop obstructing police and government officers, as well as supplies, from getting in and out of the offices;
* Parents and teachers should advise student protesters to leave as soon as possible;
* Other protesters at the scene should leave immediately;
* Media representatives should pay attention to their personal security;
* Parents and teachers should stop young people from taking part in the protest; and
* Organisers of Occupy Central and other supportive organisations involved should fulfil their moral obligation to ask protesters to disperse as quickly as possible.


The Government and the Police will classify protesters at the above-mentioned important government premises and people gathering in other areas into different groups.


People assembling peacefully will be accorded the greatest possible tolerance. However, nonsensical acts of obstructing the Police and other public officers from carrying out their duties to serve the community will not be tolerated.


Those continuously obstructing the normal operation of the CGO will absolutely not be tolerated for long, and will be dealt with resolutely in accordance with the law.