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Protests hindering emergency services

September 30, 2014

Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Hui Chun-tak has urged Occupy Central protesters to take down the illegal barriers they have erected as they are blocking emergency vehicle access.


Speaking at a press conference today, Mr Hui said the protesters' blockage of major thoroughfares is affecting emergency services, such as ambulances, and people’s daily lives.


He said while most protesters are expressing themselves peacefully, some have erected barricades that are illegal and are causing disruptions.


He also spoke on a dangerous driving incident in Mong Kok, saying Police had difficulty getting to the scene due to blocked roads. They were then surrounded by protesters once they reached the scene.


Mr Hui urged protesters to remove the barricades as soon as possible and not obstruct Police.


Police negotiators will liaise with protesters to open passageways for emergency vehicles, he added.


Speaking on reports Police showed only an orange “Disperse or we fire” sign on September 28, Mr Hui clarified that officers actually showed the black “Warning tear gas” sign on the other side of the orange sign.


He said Police did not intend to fire on protesters at any time.