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Police used minimum force

September 29, 2014

Police used minimum force against protestors who repeatedly charged Police cordon lines yesterday.


Assistant Commissioner of Police Cheung Tak-keung told the media today Police needed to maintain distance between the protestors and officers to prevent injuries and had to resort to using pepper spray, batons and tear gas.


Mr Cheung said warnings were given before tear gas was used and adequate time was given for people to comply with their orders, adding that force was used in accordance with strict internal guidelines.


He said Police have exercised a high degree of professionalism and restraint to maintain public order and safety in the past few days.


Forty-one casualties, all minor, have been recorded so far, which includes 12 Police officers.


Police used tear gas 87 times at nine locations yesterday.


Mr Cheung reiterated that Police respect people’s freedom of expression in a lawful manner, but will take resolute action against unlawful behaviour.


He appealed to protestors who are still occupying public roads in various districts to leave as soon as possible to allow public order and emergency services to resume.