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Measures keep Mainland pregnant women at bay: CE

August 24, 2012
Chief Executive CY Leung says boundary-crossing measures are effective in identifying and dealing with Mainland pregnant women who attempt to cross into Hong Kong to give birth without a registered certificate.
Mr Leung today inspected the cross-boundary facilities at the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point with Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok. The boundary staff identify pregnant women by visual inspection and will ask those without a registered certificate to return to the Mainland voluntarily.
Briefing the media, he said few Mainland pregnant women attempt to give birth in Hong Kong without a registered certificate, showing the administrative measures are effective. 

He added there are many considerations in curbing the problem in the long run, and he hoped to listen to views from the people.
Mr Leung said there will be zero quota for Mainland pregnant women to give birth in Hong Kong private hospitals next year, and the Government has been following up the issue.
He said the children of Mainland mothers add pressure to boundary services, and also to the student places allocation of kindergartens and primary schools in New Territories North. He believed the growing number of children born to Mainland mothers in the past few years will add pressure to paediatric services, too.
Mr Leung noted he had previously said the Government would try not to tackle the problem by having the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress interpret the Basic Law. He hoped to listen to people’s views as there are many considerations as to how to curb the problem and whether the children born to Mainland mothers will have the right of abode.
When asked about boundary development, he said the Government will set up customs clearance and other boundary facilities.
Meanwhile, he said he is concerned about the Manila hostage incident. The Secretary for Security and the Director of the Chief Executive's Office will meet the families of several victims today and they will follow up after listening to their requests.