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Mont Vert advisory issued

July 18, 2014

The Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority has advised prospective purchasers that Special Condition 30 of the land grant for the lot on which Mont Vert is situated stipulates the grantee shall at their own expense provide, construct and maintain the unobstructed roads and footpaths leading to adjacent private land and burial grounds.


The authority said there is a grave located north of Tower 3 and west of Tower 5, and it is stated the grantee will allow the public to use the roads and footpaths free to and from the private land and burial grounds.


Prospective purchasers should pay attention to the sections for 'Location plan of the development', 'Layout plan of the development', 'Summary of land grant', 'Information on public facilities and public open spaces' and 'Relevant information' in the sales brochure for the boundary of the development, the locations of the roads, footpaths and grave, and whether owners should share the cost of managing and maintaining them.


Prospective purchasers should check with the vendor and estate agents if in doubt.

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