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Lantau holds development potential: CE

January 15, 2014

Chief Executive CY Leung has proposed setting up a Lantau Development Advisory Committee, to explore options for developing the island.


Unveiling his 2014 Policy Address to Legislative Councillors today, he suggested the airport’s commercial area, boundary-crossing facility areas, and the eastern waters off the island and neighbouring areas as potential sites for building a new metropolis through major infrastructure projects.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities will serve as a gateway between Hong Kong and the western Pearl River Delta, he said, and its 130-hectare artificial island will allow for the development of a “bridgehead economy”.


The Government has completed a preliminary review of supporting infrastructure to explore the feasibility of developing major shopping, dining, entertainment and hotel facilities there, and will conduct a detailed study as soon as possible, he added.


He also said the airport urgently needs a third runway, and noted the development potential of its 10-acre North Commercial District. An East Lantau Metropolis could accommodate a new population and also become a core business district, he added, promoting economic development and providing job opportunities.