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Tech talk

Tech talk:  Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So launches a public consultation on the proposed new Digital 21 Strategy.

Digital 21 Strategy consultation opens

September 18, 2013
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So today launched a public consultation on the proposed Digital 21 Strategy, which sets out the blueprint for Hong Kong’s information and communications technology, or ICT, development.
“With the advent of wireless and multi-platform technologies, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and big data in recent years, it is time to update the strategy again," Mr So said.
“Smarter Hong Kong, Smarter Living” is the proposed new strategy's theme.

The strategy would build platforms that enable people and business to realise their aspirations, to enhance research and development, and provide open data.
Other thrusts are to recognise excellence and assist local ICT companies to gain a foothold in the Mainland and overseas markets, and transforming and integrating public services to develop intuitive, personalised and multi-platform e-services.
Mr So hopes to collect public views, which will help to refine the strategy and shape the way forward.
Views can be sent by email by November 30. For details, click here

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