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Ebola checks enhanced

October 20, 2014

All ready

All ready:  Counters have been set up at the airport arrival hall for passengers to fill in the Health Surveillance Questionnaire.

The Department of Health launched the Health Surveillance Questionnaire at Hong Kong International Airport today to enhance Ebola surveillance.


Chief Port Health Officer Dr Edwin Tsui said the measure targets passengers arriving from Ebola-affected countries.


They will be invited to complete the questionnaire if they have travelled to affected countries in the past three weeks or hold a travel document issued by those countries.


They will be asked to provide information including travel history, health status and contact history with Ebola patients.


Counters have been set up at the airport arrival hall for passengers to complete the questionnaire and for Port Health Office staff to collect them.


If passengers show symptoms or had contact with Ebola patients, they will be referred to the Infectious Disease Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital for examination.


Ebola-affected countries so far include Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

To prevent Ebola virus disease