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Man treated for H9N2

December 30, 2013

The Centre for Health Protection is investigating a confirmed human case of influenza A (H9N2) affecting a man aged 86.


Briefing the media today, the centre’s Controller Dr Leung Ting-hung said the patient is a Hong Kong resident living in Shenzhen.

He has underlying illnesses and has developed chills and a cough since December 28. He returned to Hong Kong on the same day and was admitted to a North District Hospital isolation ward.


He was transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital today in stable condition. His clinical diagnosis was chest infection.


He had no recent poultry contact, consumption of undercooked poultry, or contact with patients. His home contact in Shenzhen is asymptomatic.


Over 50 healthcare workers at the hospital and ambulance officers have been put under medical surveillance.


The centre will notify Guangdong authorities, the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other agencies of the case.

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