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Vigilance urged against diabetes

November 14, 2013
The Department of Health has encouraged people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in support of World Diabetes Day today, which takes place every November 14.
Diabetes is a chronic disorder in which raised blood glucose levels may result in kidney failure, blindness, leg amputations, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.
It is the 10th most common cause of death in Hong Kong at 398 deaths or 0.9% of total deaths last year, and resulted in 20,000 hospital admissions. About one in 10 people in Hong Kong are affected by Type II diabetes.
The International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organisation started World Diabetes Day in 1991. Its theme is "Diabetes Education & Prevention", and this year’s slogan is "Protect Our Future".
To support the campaign, the department hopes to raise public awareness of the disease and promote vigilance, healthy behaviour, self-care and early detection. It has organised activities with community partners, including health messages through television dramas, media interviews and newspaper articles.
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