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Jurassic lark

Jurassic lark:  This 30-metre long, 10-metre high roaring robotic replica of Daxiatitan binglingi towers above the Science Museum's lower piazza.

Dino show roars to life

October 25, 2013
A gigantic robotic dinosaur model, part of the Science Museum's Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs exhibition launching in November, has arrived at the museum's lower piazza.
Curator (Exhibit) Karen Sit said the model, standing alongside two Pterosaurs and a family of Stegosauruses, is based on Daxiatitan binglingi, which lived in Asia in the Early Cretaceous Period. 
"This is the first time that such gigantic robotic dinosaurs have been put on display outdoors in Hong Kong. While seeing these robotic dinosaurs, visitors can also use their smartphones or tablet applications to view virtual dinosaurs walking in the museum's piazza area, and of course they can also take pictures on them to share with their friends."

The 2,500-square metre exhibition will be held from November 8 to April 9, and is one of the highlight programmes under the "Vibrant Hong Kong" theme of the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign. With over 160 exhibits – around half of which are fossilised dinosaur skeletons, vertebrae and eggs – it is Hong Kong's largest and most diverse dinosaur exhibitions to date.
The show will also feature additional robotic dinosaurs inside the exhibition hall, educational computer games, and interactive exhibits with state-of-the art technology including object recognition and real-time 3D rendering.
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