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Sanitation call

Sanitation call:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam officiates at the launch of the territory-wide cleansing campaign at Tai Po Hui Market to mark the start of a three-day cleansing operation in all 18 districts.

Joint effort

Joint effort:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam (left) talks with poultry stall staff in Tai Po Hui Market and distributes a kit for them to carry out thorough cleaning.

Virus fighters

Virus fighters:  Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing (right) participates in the territory-wide cleansing campaign and distributes a cleansing pack to a stall holder at North Kwai Chung Market.

Citizens' participation key to clean HK

April 26, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said the Government will spare no efforts in environmental hygiene, but every citizen must participate to carry out quarantine and preventive measures, and keep Hong Kong clean. 
Officiating at the kick-off of a territory-wide cleansing campaign today, Mrs Lam said it is the first public participation event organised under Fresh Hong Kong - a theme under the Hong Kong Our Home campaign which she kicked off on April 23. It aims to foster social cohesion and promote care, mutual help and solidarity in the community.
She said Government principal officials, District Council members and residents will take part and spread the message of the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene. She called on the public to carry out thorough cleaning work together to strengthen Hong Kong's ability to withstand any epidemic. Mrs Lam also participated in Tai Po District's cleaning activity today.

In the morning, Mrs Lam and Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man visited Tai Po Hui Market; Secretary for Education Eddie Ng visited Paifong (Archway) on Sai Kung Seafood Street; and Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung went to Shek Wu Hui Market in Sheung Shui. In the afternoon, Dr Ko went to Sha Tin Market; Secretary for Development Paul Chan visited Yuen Long Tai Kiu Market; Secretary for the Civil Service Paul Tang visited Tsing Shan Square; Secretary for the Environment KS Wong visited Tai Pei Square Playground; and Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing visited North Kwai Chung Market.
Hong Kong Our Home's other themes are Vibrant Hong Kong, which refers to major cultural, sports and recreational activities that promote Hong Kong's vibrancy and diversity; Hip Hong Kong, which relates to activities for young people to nurture their vision, creativity, leadership and commitment; and Caring Hong Kong, which concerns events that foster mutual help among neighbours and encourage people to show care and concern for the under-privileged and the disadvantaged.
The Government has invested about $2 billion in waste collection and street cleaning, Mrs Lam added. In response to the Mainland’s recent avian influenza A(H7N9) cases, the Government has stepped up prevention measures.
Mrs Lam said the Food & Environmental Department has liaised with the District Councils to highlight places in need of extra environmental hygiene attention. She reiterated that citizens' participation is essential to keep our city clean.

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