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Concierge caution

Concierge caution:  Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So (left) visits a hotel to inspect prevention measures against human cases of avian influenza.

Hotels flu-ready: Gregory So

April 18, 2013
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So has commended the hotel industry for its efforts in preventing and handling any possible flu outbreak.
Mr So visited a hotel on Hong Kong Island today to inspect its prevention measures for influenza.
He said the industry is well prepared to handle any outbreak, and he urged it to maintain its vigilance, as a lot of travellers are expected during the upcoming Labour Day holiday.
Should anyone fall ill while in Hong Kong all necessary assistance, including medical, will be provided to them, he said, so the cases are handled properly and pose no threat to the industry or the community.

He urged the whole travel trade to join hoteliers in boosting preventive measures.
Hotels have issued guidelines reminding staff to monitor guests' health. The Centre for Health Protection has also provided advice on the flu reporting mechanism.
The travel industry has distributed guidelines to staff, including tour guides. The Travel Industry Council will maintain contact with Mainland travel agencies and provide advice to them, such as reminding tourists not to go to markets or touch poultry.
The council has also enhanced measures to ensure no travel agents fail to properly accommodate their clients, he added.

Prevent Avian FLU