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Travel industry to boost anti-flu work

April 17, 2013
The tourism industry will strengthen anti-flu efforts in Hong Kong and on the Mainland as the Labour Day holiday period approaches.
Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man told the media today avian influenza A (H7N9) cases on the Mainland are increasing, with 77 cases involving 16 deaths as of last night. He said it shows the outbreak will not end soon.
With this in mind, he said he met with the tourism industry, and that temperature checks of travellers at boundary control points will be enhanced.
The trade will distribute notices to local tour guides, reminding them to watch the health of their clients, and to bring them to doctors if they feel unwell.
For inbound group tours, the Travel Industry Council will maintain contact with Mainland travel agencies and provide guidelines to them, such as reminding tourists not to go to markets and not to touch poultry.
Dr Ko said experts from the World Health Organisation, the Mainland and other places have been studying the virus and there is no sign of human-to-human transmission.
He reminded the live poultry trade and healthcare professionals to be vigilant.

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