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HK Avenue of Comic Stars opens

September 28, 2012
The Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars opened in Kowloon Park today, featuring 24 figurines of local comic characters and 10 bronze handprints of local comic artists along a 100-metre path in Kowloon Park.
Located near the park's Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard entrance, visitors can stroll the path to take photos with characters such as Old Master Q, Cowboy, Wang Xiao Hu and McDull, or put their hands on the prints of those of comic artists such as Tony Wong and Ma Wing-shing.
A Gallery of Comic History & Development and a Gallery of Comic Education introduce visitors to Hong Kong comics' history, production process, tools, workshops and manuscripts.
Officiating at the opening of the avenue today, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So said the comics industry is a key part of Hong Kong's creative industries and has made a substantial contribution to the local economy. 
"By displaying classic comic characters of different eras, the avenue makes us relish Hong Kong comics of the past and gives the new generation and foreign tourists a chance to experience for themselves the creativity of Hong Kong comics," Mr So said.
The Government is committed to the local comics industry's development, and has sponsored more than 10 projects amounting to $18 million to drive its development since the establishment of the Create Hong Kong office in June 2009.
"With the concerted efforts from the industry, we are confident that Hong Kong's comics industry will keep prospering," Mr So added.
The avenue is a three-year project sponsored by Create Hong Kong and co-organised by the Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Support Centre, Leisure & Cultural Services Department and Yau Tsim Mong District Council's Arts & Culture Co-ordinating Committee.
Click here for details or download the smartphone app, "Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars".

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