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Tough action set for rogue moon-gazers

September 25, 2012
The Leisure & Cultural Services Department will step up patrols during the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend, to prosecute people littering, melting wax or flying sky lanterns.
The department today appealed to the public to keep their moon-viewing areas clean and tidy, and to avoid melting wax or flying sky lanterns.
Patrols will be stepped up at the department's venues, including parks, public beaches, and barbecue sites from September 29 to October 1. About 1,000 officers will take enforcement action against littering, wax melting, and the flying of sky lanterns.
Litterbugs will be fined $1,500, while people melting wax or flying sky lanterns may also be prosecuted.
According to the Pleasure Grounds Regulation, no person can melt wax, or sprinkle or pour any liquid onto any hot wax, or fly kites, model aircraft, balloons, sky lanterns or other devices in any pleasure ground.
According to the Bathing Beaches Regulation, no person can do any act which is likely to endanger or obstruct any other person using a beach, or damage, deface or pollute the beach or anything on it. Offenders face two-week's jail and a $2,000 fine.
People can report wax melting or sky lantern cases, or other problems at the department's venues, by calling its hotline, 2414 5555, from 7pm to midnight between September 29 and October 1. Staff will be deployed to the scene promptly to take appropriate action.