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Legionella bacteria found in 2 buildings

June 07, 2012
Legionella bacteria have been found in water samples taken from cooling towers in buildings in Kwun Tong and Hung Hom.
The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department said today the bacterial count in the samples was at or above the upper threshold, which is 1,000 colony-forming units per millilitre.
The samples were taken at the Sunbeam Centre in Kwun Tong, and at Fok Lin Building, Hung Hom.
The department has issued nuisance notices to the owners requiring disinfection work be taken. The work has already been done at Sunbeam Centre, while disinfection is being arranged for the other building.
The department warned that fresh water cooling tower owners have the responsibility to design, operate and maintain cooling towers properly, and must arrange regular inspections, timely maintenance, and periodic testing of the water quality in accordance with the Code of Practice for Water-cooled Air Conditioning Systems.

Legionnaires' disease