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8 foods fail safety tests

April 29, 2011
The Centre for Food Safety today released the findings of its March safety report, in which eight food samples failed safety checks, leading to an overall satisfactory rate of 99.8%.
Of the eight unsatisfactory samples, white radish, turnip and spinach samples had unsatisfactory radiation levels.
One sample of spinach was found to contain heavy metal cadmium, at a level of 0.16 parts per million, exceeding the legal limit of 0.1ppm.
Two samples of fresh beef contained sulphur dioxide, which is not permitted in fresh meat, and a dried pork slice contained butylated hydroxytoluene at a level of 510ppm, above the legal limit of 100ppm. A noodlefish contained formaldehyde, a non-permitted preservative.
The centre has told the vendors to stop selling the items.
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