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Sports city:  Under Secretary for Home Affairs Florence Hui joins elite athletes and about 30 youngsters for an interview on uChannel, an online broadcaster operated by the Federation of Youth Groups.

Legislative Council

The Legislative Council's main functions are to enact laws, control public expenditure, and monitor the work of the Government.

Asian Games bid support swells

January 06, 2011

Public support for Hong Kong's proposed bid for the 2023 Asian Games has been growing continuously, Under Secretary for Home Affairs Florence Hui says, urging the community to plan for the next generation by supporting the bid.


Ms Hui today joined Hong Kong's elite athletes and 30 youngsters for an interview on uChannel, an online broadcaster operated by the Federation of Youth Groups, on Hong Kong’s bid to host the games.


“I had a very pleasant discussion with the young people and they shared a lot of views regarding the hosting of the Asian Games. I could feel their keen support for sports development in Hong Kong.


“We have been through a variety of channels to share the rationale and considerations why it would be important and beneficial for Hong Kong to host the 2023 Asian Games. We will continue these efforts in the coming days to prepare for the discussion at the upcoming Legislative Council Finance Committee meeting next week.”


Even if the Government gets lawmakers’ fund support, the public can continue offering views on the issue because the Government will submit a formal bid proposal to the Olympic Council of Asia next month, Ms Hui added.


 Retired swimming champion Sherry Tsai said, as she is pursuing a career in coaching, a Hong Kong bid for the Asian Games will set a clear goal for her when coaching young swimmers.


Yeung Chui-lin, who came third in the women's individual fencing epee event at the recent Guangzhou Asian Games, said athletes will perform better when they compete on home turf. When she competed at the games she experienced warm support from local spectators and her mother surprised her by showing up at the venue to watch her compete.


Former Hong Kong cycling champion Hung Chung-yam led Hong Kong's cycling team to compete at the Guangzhou games. He said audience support is important to athletes and the overwhelming response from Guangzhou's spectators was powerful motivation and encouragement for the Hong Kong team.