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Legislative Council

The Legislative Council's main functions are to enact laws, control public expenditure, and monitor the work of the Government.

Lawmakers urged to support Asian Games bid

December 18, 2010

The Government is determined to do its best to win the Legislative Council Finance Committee's support for the 2023 Asian Games bid, Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing says. 


He urges lawmakers to take Hong Kong's long-term development into consideration when making their final decisions.


Speaking on a radio talk show this morning, Mr Tsang said an international sports event organiser can set its plan according to its own budget and available resources, adding Hong Kong successfully organised the previous East Asian Games in a basic manner.


The Government is now seeking the LegCo Finance Committee's acceptance in principle of the bid's financial implications. The direct total cost of staging the games is estimated to be $6 billion at current prices.


He said the Government has confirmed with the Mainland Authorities that other Mainland cities will not bid for the 2019 or 2023 Asian Games. Noting Hong Kong can make its own decision in the matter, he said the Central Government will render its full support if the city submits a formal bid.


Some of the competitions can be held in Shenzhen and Macau if Hong Kong lacks certain sport facilities, he said, adding he had contacted the Olympic Council of Asia and it considers such a venue-arrangement proposal feasible.