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Asian Games consultation transparent

December 15, 2010

Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing says the Government will maintain a pragmatic attitude, uphold the principles of objectivity and fairness, and adhere to transparency and impartiality when gauging public opinion on the bid to host the 2023 Asian Games.


Mr Tsang today told lawmakers the Government has been working hard to promote sport and took the opportunity of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games to launch the Show Your Smile electronic platform on November 10 for the public to take photos of their smiling faces. The activity enhanced the sporting atmosphere by encouraging public support for Hong Kong athletes during the Asian Games.


“We also instructed staff at the Show Your Smile booth to explain to those who took part in the photography they could choose from a variety of frames with different designs and statements. Even if members of the public chose a backdrop with statements related to the bid, such figures would not form part of the statistics for the consultation on the bid.”


As the Show Your Smile Campaign was not related to the consultation exercise on the bid for hosting the Asian Games, people were not misled into supporting the games bid.