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Lai Tung-kwok

Typhoon precaution: Acting Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok urges people to prepare for adverse weather.

Interdepartmental meeting

Contingency plan: An inter-departmental meeting chaired by Acting Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok is held to discuss anti-typhoon measures.

piling sandbags

Safety works: Workers pile sandbags in Kar Wo Lei, Tuen Mun, to prevent seawater encroachment.


The Hong Kong Observatory's mission is to deliver useful and effective meteorological services; to provide quality services in climate, radiation, time standard, seismology, oceanography and astronomy; and to strengthen public preparedness for natural disasters.

Security Bureau

The Security Bureau maintains law and order, exercises immigration and customs control, rehabilitates offenders and drug abusers, and provides emergency fire and rescue services.

Development Bureau

The Development Bureau aims to speed up the implementation of large-scale projects and enhance efficiency in planning and delivery through better co-ordination. It also adopts a forward-looking mode of development to ensure that Hong Kong's infrastructure meets its future needs.

Drainage Services

The Drainage Services Department aims to provide world-class wastewater and stormwater drainage services, enabling Hong Kong's sustainable development.

Home Affairs Department

The Home Affairs Department aims to enhance communication between the Government and the people of Hong Kong and to facilitate the development of District Administration.

Fire Services

The Fire Service's Department's mission is to extinguish fire and protect life and property in case of fire or other calamity. It advises the public on fire-protection measures and fire hazards, and promotes awareness of the importance of fire safety.

Public urged to take typhoon precautions

October 21, 2010

Acting Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok urges the public to prepare for any possible adversity that may be caused by Severe Typhoon Megi, the most powerful storm to hit the South China Sea this year.


Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, he said the Security Bureau has activated the emergency response mechanism and held meetings with various departments to implement contingency plans and take precautionary measures.


The Hong Kong Observatory said Strong Wind Signal No.3 will remain in force for some time, and the chance of Signal No.8 is not high today.


"Although it is difficult to predict Megi's exact track, the public should stay alert and attend to their personal safety. They should stay away from the shoreline, avoid unnecessary outdoor activities, and ensure drains are not blocked," Mr Lai said.


Action plan

The Fire Services Department has put sufficient manpower on standby, and rechecked its equipment and vehicles, placing them at strategic locations. Various units have activated emergency response mechanisms.


The Home Affairs Department has opened its round-the-clock public enquiry hotline 2835 1473. Emergency co-ordination centres in each of Hong Kong's 18 districts are now monitoring the latest developments.


Department officers have reminded residents in districts vulnerable to adverse weather to take precautionary measures. A temporary shelter has opened in Tai O while temporary shelters in other districts will come into operation when necessary.


Anti-flooding measures

The Drainage Services Department is inspecting flooding black spots, checking drains to ensure they are not blocked. It has also checked anti-flooding facilities and sent officers to villages in the New Territories to remind residents to take precautions.


People should call the department on 2300 1110 to report flooding. Sufficient manpower and resources are on standby to handle urgent incidents.


Workers piled sandbags in Kar Wo Lei, Tuen Mun, today to prevent seawater encroachment, and pumps have been installed in low-lying areas to improve drainage. Similar measures have been taken in black spots in Lei Yue Mun, Sai Kung and Sham Tseng. The department has instructed a contractor to monitor the water level in Sha Po Tsai, Tai Po.


The Development Bureau's Tree Management Office has reminded departments to inspect and trim trees under their management, and clear fallen ones as soon as possible. It reminds property owners to secure trees in their area and report problematic trees.


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