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Chief Secretary

The Chief Secretary for Administration assists the Chief Executive in supervising the policy bureaux as directed by him and plays a key role in ensuring coordination in policy formulation and implementation.

Community fund to offer targeted support: CS

October 15, 2010

Forming the Community Care Fund will provide swift and targeted support for those in need, filling a void left by the current social security system, Chief Secretary Henry Tang says.


In an article published in local newspapers today, Mr Tang said the fund will help the Government identify additional services that should be properly covered under the social security system.


"The operation of the fund will be premised on tripartite co-operation among the community, the business sector and the Government. Social issues and conflicts we are facing cannot be resolved by the Government alone."


Guiding principles

The fund's future operation should be guided by some principles, he said, adding the Government needs to cut through red tape to ensure resources go directly to those in need.


The scope of assistance should be as broad as possible. Resources permitting, assistance projects could include special medication, food supply, in-place elderly care, and study needs and support for young people.


We should aim for simple and quick vetting procedures without compromising the proper use of funds available, he said, adding apart from contributions from the business sector, we can consider accepting donations from other members of the community in order to exemplify whole community involvement.


More flexibility

Although investment income from the fund will be the main source of funding, the use of capital should not be ruled out for worthy cases, he added.


For efficient frontline service delivery there should be close communication and co-operation between the fund and Government agencies and non-governmental organisations to avoid duplicating efforts and to facilitate referrals.


"Our most immediate tasks will be to, firstly, raise funds from the business sector; and secondly, form a governing committee for the fund and consult stakeholders on the modality of the fund as well as targets and scope of the assistance programme."


"The governing committee will be widely represented. It should include Government officials and representatives from sectors including business, professional, social welfare, education, health care and academic. The diversity of its membership will bring valuable expertise, experience and networking advantages to the fund."