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Median monthly wages rise

March 20, 2014

The median monthly wage of Hong Kong employees rose across the board last year for the benchmark period of May-June, the Census & Statistics Department announced today in its 2013 Annual Earnings & Hours Survey.


The median monthly wage was $14,100, up 5.2% over a year earlier, and higher for both male and female employees and for all age groups, educational attainment levels, occupational groups and industry sections.


The median hourly wage was $57.50, up 4.9% year-on-year. The median hourly wage for male employees was $63.20, while that for female employees was $51.80.


Analysed by age group, the median hourly wage of employees aged 35 to 44 was highest at $67.50, followed by those aged 25 to 34 at $59.70.


Government employees, student interns, and live-in domestic workers were not included in the survey.

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