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Median family income now $22k

May 27, 2013
Hong Kong's overall median monthly household income is now $22,000, up from $21,100 in the fourth quarter of last year, the Census & Statistics Department says.
The Quarterly Report on General Household Survey for January to March 2013 published today said in the first quarter, 7.6% of domestic households had a monthly household income of $80,000 and above, while 16.2% of them had less than $8,000. The median monthly employment earnings remained at $12,000.
The number of domestic households in Q1 was 2,386,200, up from 2,384,600 in Q4 last year.
The size of the labour force was 3,852,700, up 46,100 over Q4 last year. After excluding foreign domestic helpers, the size of the labour force in the first quarter was 3,561,800.
The number of unemployed persons in Q1 was 132,500, of which 79,400 were men and 53,000 were women. Those aged 15-24 or with lower secondary education had higher unemployment rates.
Click here to download the full report.

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