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Sewage works completed

December 19, 2015

Cleaner water

Cleaner water:  Chief Executive CY Leung (right) is briefed by Drainage Services Department Chief Engineer Chui Wai-sing.

All sewage from both sides of Victoria Harbour will be conveyed to a sewage treatment plant for disinfection and discharge into waters west of the harbour after the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A came into full operation today.


Speaking at the opening ceremony Chief Executive CY Leung said the scheme is the largest environmental infrastructure project in Hong Kong's history, spanning two decades at a total cost of $25.8 billion.


It involves the construction of over 44km of sewage tunnels at up to 160 metres below sea level. The Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works was also upgraded to treat 900 million cubic metres of sewage annually, enabling it to serve more than five million people.


Director of Drainage Services Edwin Tong said the sewage treatment capacity, scale and coverage of the scheme is the highest among other such projects in Hong Kong.


He thanked the project's engineers and 15,000 frontline workers for their dedication and hard work in making the project a success. He also thanked various associated bodies and government departments for their support.


The scheme will improve the water quality of Victoria Harbour by collecting and treating sewage generated from both sides of the harbour. Stage 1 facilities were commissioned in December 2001 providing treatment for 75% of the sewage generated from both sides of the harbour.


Stage 2A works started in July 2009 and the flow turning process was completed last month. This process diverted the remaining 25% of sewage from the northern and southwestern parts of Hong Kong Island to the newly expanded Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works for chemically enhanced primary treatment, meaning that sewage will no longer be discharged to Victoria Harbour.


Secretary for the Environment KS Wong, legislator Lo Wai-kwok and Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Hon Chi-keung also officiated at the ceremony.