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Gov't climate report unveiled

November 06, 2015

Status update

Status update:  Mr Wong (fourth left, second row) presents the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015.

The Environment Bureau today unveiled the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015, outlining the Government's work and joint efforts with key private-sector stakeholders in responding to climate change.


The report presents a more complete picture of Hong Kong's contribution to the concerted global action, with an account of its work ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference.


Releasing the report today, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong said the world has to work hard over the next few decades to substantially reduce carbon emissions, as the population expands and emerging economies continue to develop rapidly, to maintain the two degrees Celsius warming scenario within this century.


"Hong Kong has followed the complex international negotiations for a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol, and we are hopeful that a new agreement could be achieved at Paris Climate Change Conference later this year," he added.


Mr Wong stressed that the Government attaches much importance to combating climate change, which included bureaus' and departments' collaborative efforts to undertake mitigation and adaptation measures, plus the significant steps taken by key private-sector stakeholders.


The environment chief noted that the major challenge of climate change provides an opportunity for high-density Hong Kong to enhance its environmental assets and physical infrastructure, create green jobs and strengthen social collaboration.


Under Secretary for Development Eric Ma and Under Secretary for Transport & Housing Yau Shing-mu also spoke at today's launch on their bureaus' green efforts, while Hong Kong Observatory Director Shun Chi-ming explained global climate projections and the impact of climate change on Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Green Building Council and Business Environment Council representatives discussed the challenges facing the private sector, while Under Secretary for the Environment Christine Loh delivered the event’s closing remarks.


The report is available on the Environment Bureau and Environmental Protection Department websites.

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