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Christine Loh to aid environmental protection

September 12, 2012
New Under Secretary for the Environment Christine Loh says she wants to help Hong Kong take a step forward in environmental protection.
Speaking to the media after her appointment today, she said she hopes to have good ties with Secretary for the Environment KS Wong, and she wants to serve the people of Hong Kong.
She said she has worked in the private sector, as a lawyer, and as a politician, and has spent 12 years doing research on public policy.
"The one thing I have not done in my career is to be on the executive side, where I will have a chance to set public policy. This is something I would like to do now at this stage in my career."
She said her priorities are air pollution, waste, and conservation, adding that Chief Executive CY Leung is interested in the environment and wants to see positive outcomes.
"This is an opportunity for me to do something in public policy relating to the environment. I think it is possible to do something within CY Leung’s administration together with KS Wong."

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