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CE urges legal action rethink

May 19, 2011
Legal action stalling work on infrastructural links with the Mainland will impede Hong Kong's economic development and hinder social prosperity.
Speaking at his Legislative Council question-and-answer session today, Chief Executive Donald Tsang said there are opinions in the community suggesting some political figures are using environmental protection and conservation as means to stop infrastructure upgrades through legal action, to achieve their political objectives and undermine the overall interests of Hong Kong.
The estimated loss of a one-year delay on work for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge could be as high as $2 billion, he said, adding inevitable wage increases during the period will also have a financial impact.
Mr Tsang said infrastructure projects will bring economic development, promote further integration with the Mainland and create jobs.
Noting environmental issues and conversation are also of high community interest, he said there are questions as to whether certain political figures are pursuing genuine advances in these areas, or are just trying to hinder economic development, job creation and further Mainland integration.
He urged all parties consider the issue in a rational and objective manner, so the public can form its own judgement.
He assured that the Government will strictly adhere to the rule of law in its legal case on the bridge development.

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