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Gov't stance on MPF firm

January 07, 2018

The Government's stance on scrapping the offsetting of severance payments or long-service payments with Mandatory Provident Fund contributions is clear and firm.


Making the statement today, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said the Government, in taking forward the issue, will seek a consensus balancing employee rights and employer affordability.


He said the Government is willing to help in co-ordinating different parties and in making a financial commitment.


On the business sectors asking for an increase in the subsidy amount and extending the transition period, Mr Cheung said the Government holds an open view.


He said the Government will invest more than $7.9 billion to abolish the offsetting arrangement and he is confident a proposal can be set out in the first half of this year.


On the recent strike involving the staff of a cleaning contractor, Mr Cheung said a working group convened by the Secretary for Labour & Welfare has started reviewing the outsourcing mechanism to protect workers' rights.

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