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CE promotes free trade at APEC

(November 17, 2015)

Chief Executive CY Leung today emphasised the importance of free trade at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Manila.
Speaking at the "What is the Next Horizon for Asia Pacific Trade?" discussion, Mr Leung highlighted Hong Kong's position as the freest economy in the world, while at the same time keeping an open mind on bilateral and plurilateral free trade agreements.
"I firmly believe, and have faith and confidence, in this region's economy," Mr Leung said. "The economies in this region have been growing quite handsomely and we believe in further growth in the years ahead, particularly as China's One Belt, One Road initiative is being rolled out."
"I think there is all the more reason for us to promote free trade amongst the Belt & Road economies," he added.
After the summit, Mr Leung held a bilateral meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.
They discussed the global economic outlook, housing problems in both places, and Hong Kong's potential role in the Belt & Road initiatives.
Mr Leung also underlined Hong Kong's possible role after the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and in facilitating the people-to-people bonds.
The Chief Executive will join the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting Official Welcome for APEC Leaders, the APEC Business Council Dialogue and the AELM Welcome Dinner tomorrow.

Premier forum

Premier forum:  Mr Leung (centre) speaks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit.

Premier forum

Bilateral brainstorming:  Mr Leung (first right) meets New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (first left).

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