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CE, official discuss tourism

September 04, 2015

Chief Executive CY Leung met with Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office Director Wang Guangya to discuss economic and tourism issues during his two-day Beijing trip.


Speaking to reporters in Beijing today, he said that measures must be taken in light of the recent drop in the number of Mainland tourists. Otherwise the tourism industry may experience a recession, particularly affecting the retail, food and beverage, and transportation sectors, which engage large numbers of lower income workers.


He quoted Mr Wang, who said recent protests against parallel traders has hurt Mainland visitors’ feelings, and work must be done to overcome this.


Mr Leung said it is crucial to nurture Hong Kong's reputation as a hospitable destination.


The Special Administrative Region Government will soon submit its proposals on the National 13th Five-Year Plan, he added.


In reply to a reporter’s query on his popularity, he noted that, according to a Chinese University survey, he scored 0.8 points higher in August month on month, reaching a seven-month peak.