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CE urges proposal's approval

April 22, 2015

April 22 would go down as a historic day in Hong Kong’s democratic development, Chief Executive CY Leung says, as the Government's political reform proposal was to be unveiled - and he urged lawmakers to approve it.


Speaking to the media today, Mr Leung said allowing the 5 million voters to elect the Chief Executive by one man, one vote in 2017 is the common aspiration of the Central and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Governments, Mr Leung himself, and the people of Hong Kong.


The proposal complied with the relevant provisions in the Basic Law and the National People’s Congress’ Standing Committee’s decisions, and the Central Government has clearly stated that there will be no concession, he said, urging lawmakers and the public to support and pass the proposal.


Amending or retracting the NPCSC’s August decisions, restarting the five-step political reform process, or amending the Basic Law are all unrealistic suggestions, he added.


The reform work has a good foundation as the NPCSC will approve proposals that comply with its decisions, and Mr Leung himself has said he will approve the proposal.


If the proposal was rejected this time, Mr Leung said he is uncertain when another reform process can be conducted, and whether it can gain the three-way approval of the Central Government, the Chief Executive and the legislature as required in the Basic Law.


Mr Leung said he has full confidence that the proposal can be passed, and will make the best effort to gain all lawmakers’ approval. He will also canvass the community to promote the reform proposal and garner people's support and understanding.

2017 Seize The Opportunity - Public Consultation on the Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage