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Central authorities fully support HK Gov’t

October 19, 2014

Chief Executive CY Leung said the Central authorities are fully aware of Hong Kong’s situation and have expressed confidence in him and the SAR Government to tackle the Occupy Central movement.


In a television interview today, Mr Leung said the Central Government has openly expressed serious concern over Hong Kong, and that it is fully aware of what is happening in the city - and the reasons behind the events that are unfolding.


He also said that the Occupy Central movement is not entirely a domestic movement, as external forces are involved.


“There is obviously participation by people, organisations, from outside of Hong Kong, in politics in Hong Kong, over a long time. And this is not the only time when they do it. And this is not an exception, either.”


He noted that no one can now control the movement, which has gotten out of control even for the movement organiser.


"It’s gone out of control even for the people who started it, for people who planned it, for people who scripted it. You now see them still writing articles about it or appearing in some neighbourhoods that have been occupied, and talked to the people as recent as last night. But they cannot end the movement, which is a major concern."


It will take time, he said, to work out a solution to the problem. He wants to see a peaceful and meaningful end, and added that Hong Kong has been fortunate that the Central Government has had such confidence in and support for himself and the Hong Kong Government.