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CE announces Philippine sanctions

January 29, 2014

Chief Executive CY Leung has announced the Government will suspend the 14-day visa-free visiting arrangement for Philippine diplomatic and official passport holders from February 5.


Speaking to reporters today, Mr Leung said the decision marks the first phase of sanctions against the Philippines, as its government has failed to formally apologise to Manila hostage incident victims and their relatives.

Since meeting Philippine President Benigno Aquino in Bali, the two governments have discussed the victims' and relatives' demands, which include an apology, compensation, holding responsible officials accountable and adopting measures to enhance tourist safety.


He said the Philippine Government has responded positively to the other three demands, and substantive progress has been made, including a financial token of solidarity for one of the victims. 


However, the victims, their families and the Hong Kong Government have agreed the lack of a formal apology is not acceptable, and the Government will implement necessary sanctions to bring a satisfactory conclusion to the incident, he added.

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