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Land supply crucial: CE

January 16, 2014

Hong Kong people’s living quality could be improved with more land supply, and the 2014 Policy Address has proposed short, medium and long-term measures to find more land, Chief Executive CY Leung says.

Speaking at a Legislative Council question-and-answer session today, Mr Leung said increasing land supply is the best way to resolve the housing problem.


The pilot scheme for arbitration on land premiums is one way of speeding up the process of modifying non-residential land to residential use, he said, by helping developers reach land premium agreements with the Government.



On the proposed measures to bolster education and employment services for ethnic minorities, Mr Leung said he hopes ethnic minorities will support such policies, and allow their children to improve their Chinese.


When asked about mandatory provident fund scheme offset payments, Mr Leung said he is seeking views from both labour and business interests, and will pursue a comprehensive study to balance both sides' interests.


Mr Leung also reiterated that all views heard during the constitutional reform consultation will be included in the final report, which will be submitted to the Central Government.


He said he hopes people will express their views in a practical and peaceful manner.