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Reform document legally sound

January 06, 2014

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam has refuted criticism that the constitutional reform consultation document is lacking in legal foundation.



Speaking to the media today, Mrs Lam said much of the document is dedicated to explaining the legal basis of the reform - that it should comply with the Basic Law and National People's Congress Standing Committee decisions.


She noted the document has also been criticised for not giving any concrete proposals, and she explained this reflects the Government's open attitude on the consultation as it does not have any predetermined stance.


The Government will continue to listen to public feedback, she said, as more political parties are expected to give their views now the consultation period is entering its second month.


Mrs Lam said opinions from various sectors are welcome and she hopes that by forging a consensus the target of universal suffrage for the 2017 Chief Executive election can be achieved.


The Government attaches great importance to legislators' views because they have a vital role to play in taking constitutional development forward, she said. It has therefore organised four dinners with members from different political parties to exchange views in a more relaxed atmosphere, she added.