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Constitutional task force formed

October 17, 2013
Chief Executive CY Leung today announced the formation of a task force led by the Chief Secretary, which will prepare for the public consultation on constitutional development.
Speaking at his Legislative Council question-and-answer session today, Mr Leung said the Secretary for Justice and the Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs will also be on the task force.

The group’s target is to launch the public consultation exercise on electoral arrangements for the 2017 Chief Executive Election and the 2016 Legislative Council Election by the end of this year.
Mr Leung said although there are diverse views on the topic, the common goal to deliver universal suffrage in 2017 must be fulfilled by reaching a consensus rationally, based on mutual trust.
He added it must also be done in accordance with the Basic Law, and with National People's Congress Standing Committee decisions and interpretations.
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam told the media that among the group’s first tasks in the coming two months is preparing a comprehensive public consultation document to help with the formal start of the exercise.
She said it is her duty as Chief Secretary to help the Chief Executive with Hong Kong's constitutional development.
She emphasised the importance of allowing adequate time for the public to fully express their opinions.