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Political assistant resigns

August 02, 2013
The Political Assistant to the Secretary for Development, Henry Ho, has resigned with immediate effect.
The Government made the announcement today, saying it attaches great importance to any conflict of interest of public officers, and strictly enforces the Code for Officials Under the Political Appointment System.
The code states politically-appointed officials must report to the Chief Executive any private interests that might influence, or appear to influence, their judgement in the performance of their duties.
A newspaper enquired yesterday about the shareholding held by Mr Ho in Wah Yan Hong Chemical Factory, and the transfer of his shareholding before he took up the post. The company still holds land at Kwu Tung in the New Territories.
The Government immediately followed up with Mr Ho on his situation yesterday and today upon receipt of the enquiry.
The land in question is located in the North East New Territories New Development Areas.
Mr Ho never declared to the Chief Executive or the Secretary for Development any interests related to the new development areas.

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