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Eddie Ng sorry for declaration failure

July 25, 2013
Secretary for Education Eddie Ng has apologised for not declaring his interest in a non-operating consulting company he owns, due to an oversight.
In a statement issued today, Mr Ng said: "I sincerely apologise to the public as I have not been able to wind up as early as possible [the] company under my ownership because of oversight, and this resulted in my failure to declare my interest in this company last year."
He said he made public his previous capacity as the Chairman of Human Capital Management Consulting during his engagement in public service over the years.
"Before assuming the office of the Secretary for Education in July 2012, I had decided to wind up this already non-operating company as soon as possible. A weekly magazine carried a related report in July 2012."
He said he forgot he had not completed the winding-up procedures for the company until recently, when Politically Appointed Officials and Executive Council Members were required to make declarations of their interests this year.
"I have expedited the winding-up procedures and have added the company's information to my annual declaration this year pending completion of the procedures."
Mr Ng said the company ceased operation three months before he assumed office. Without any business activity, office or employees, the company has no conflict of interest with him holding public office.
"I have commissioned professionals to expedite the procedures for winding up and deregistering the company. In the meantime, the company will continue to be a non-operating company."
Click here for a memo issued by these professionals on the company's status .

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