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CE congratulates US President

November 08, 2012
Chief Executive CY Leung today congratulated Barack Obama for winning a second term as US President, and invited him to visit Hong Kong.
In a written message, Mr Leung congratulated Mr Obama on behalf of the Government and people of Hong Kong.
He said Hong Kong has a unique role to play in the continued opening up and reform of the Mainland market, which will continue under the new Central Government leadership.
"We look forward to deepening our links with the US during the next four years of your Presidency and to foster even greater mutual understanding across the Pacific between the US, Hong Kong, and China.
“I would also like to extend my personal invitation to you to visit Hong Kong any time during your next term to come and see first-hand why Hong Kong holds such great attraction for US business interests in Asia.”
Mr Leung said Hong Kong’s cultural heritage and unique history, and its free and open society under the rule of law, provides a firm foundation for US and other international interests to explore new opportunities for growth and co-operation.

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