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Top team

Top team:  Financial Secretary John Tsang, and incoming Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, and incoming Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen meet the media after the announcement of their appointments.

Carrie Lam to uphold core values

June 28, 2012
Incoming Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says she will uphold Hong Kong’s core values, improve the relationship between the executive authority and the legislature, co-ordinate inter-departmental policies, and support and lead the civil service.
Speaking at a press conference today after the announcement of her appointment, Mrs Lam said she understands the public's expectations, and pledged to serve the community with passion, commitment, humility, and compassion.
She said she shares the Chief Executive-elect’s vision that an appropriately proactive government which seeks changes whilst maintaining overall stability is needed.
"I agree with him that we should listen to the people whose collective wisdom is invaluable. I aspire, like him, that we will build a more inclusive society by striving for greater consensus. In the next five years, I will do my utmost to assist the Chief Executive in delivering his manifesto."
Mrs Lam said she will try her best to implement the 'one country, two systems' and 'Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong' principals according to the Basic Law. She also said she will assist the Chief Executive in boosting the economy, improving people’s livelihood, and promoting democratic development.
She thanked outgoing Chief Executive Donald Tsang for his support.

Incoming Financial Secretary John Tsang said he will work closely with the community in maintaining Hong Kong’s financial stability, in further developing the economy, and raising the quality of living for all.
John Tsang said he will abide by the philosophy of prudent financial management, prioritise work to enhance the economy and improving people’s livelihood, and focus on the key issues of housing and land.
"I shall listen earnestly to all the ideas, and guided by the needs of the people and our vision for Hong Kong, I will adopt the most appropriate and timely measures for the overall benefit of our society."
Incoming Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen said upholding the rule of law, ensuring the fair and effective administration of justice, and protecting the public interest will be the fundamental guiding principles he will adhere to in discharging his duties.
"I will have no hesitation whatsoever to give truly independent legal advice to the Government as it is the very constitutional duty of the Government to act in accordance to the laws of Hong Kong and the Basic Law, as well as to respect and maintain the rule of law."
Mr Yuen said the road ahead will be very challenging and he will do his utmost to ensure the rule of law is maintained, that fundamental human rights are defended, and public interest is protected.
He also said he understands the people’s view on interpretations of the Basic Law by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and he will try as far as possible to handle legal problems within Hong Kong's legal system.