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Closer ties:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang (left) exchanged views with National Development & Reform Commission Chairman Zhang Ping on the overall planning of Shenzhen's Qianhai area, and the development of Nansha.

HK-Mainland co-operation bolstered

December 27, 2011
National Development & Reform Commission Chairman Zhang Ping says the National 12th Five-year Plan supports Hong Kong's role as an international finance and economic centre.
Chief Executive Donald Tsang met with Mr Zhang today during his final duty visit to Beijing. Mr Zhang said the commission would facilitate Mainland-Hong Kong co-operation according to the Central Government's wishes and Hong Kong's needs.
Mr Tsang thanked him for the commission's support, and noted the Central Government's early implementation of measures to develop Shenzhen's Qianhai area into a modern services centre would bring significant benefits to the economic development of the country, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
They also discussed the development of Nansha, including exploring its development into a base for transforming and upgrading enterprises; developing the area as a prototype for the full implementation of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Hong Kong and the Mainland; and cooperation between Hong Kong and Nansha in developing services aimed at enhancing people's livelihood and welfare.
Mr Tsang also met with People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan. They exchanged views on how to strengthen Hong Kong's role as a renminbi offshore business centre to tie in with the National 12th Five-year Plan.

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