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HK's Taiwan trade office opens

December 19, 2011
The Hong Kong Economic, Trade & Cultural Office opened today in Taiwan, to promote the long-term development of closer economic and cultural relations between the two places.
Office Director John Leung said it will spare no effort to promote Hong Kong-Taiwan economic relations in areas such as investments, financial services and business exchanges, while also enhancing cultural, education and tourism and other exchanges.
It will also help take forward and implement initiatives agreed through the Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic & Cultural Co-operation & Promotion Council and the Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic & Cultural Co-operation Council, to support Hong Kong residents and businesses in Taiwan.
The office will encourage Taiwan businesses to invest in Hong Kong, help Hong Kong businesses to appraise the local market, enhance exchanges between the cultural and creative industries of the two places and promote Hong Kong's image.
The office is located at Unit 3711, Level 37, Taipei 101 Tower, 7 Xinyi Road Section 5, Taipei, Taiwan. Enquiries can be sent by phone (886-2-8758-2973), fax (886-2-8758-2976) or e-mail. It will move to a permanent office soon.

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