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Henry Tang denounces radical protest

September 01, 2011
Acting Chief Executive Henry Tang has condemned the protestors who disrupted a public forum on arrangements for filling Legislative Council vacancies, at the Science Museum tonight.
Protestors forced their way into the venue and threw objects at Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam during the forum.
Mr Tang criticised the protestors for abusing the rights of the forum participants and disrupting what would have been a fair and rational discussion.
He said Hong Kong is a civilised society, and people should accept differing opinions and express themselves in a rational, peaceful and legal way.
Mr Lam also censured the protestors, saying people should refrain from radical and unlawful action.
“Several doors were broken and some security guards were hurt," he said, adding the organisers will liaise with Police for possible legal action if neccessary.
He reiterated the Government will evaluate all views received during the public consultation period before it decides whether there is a need to make amendments to the LegCo arrangements.