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Vice-Premier urges hard work

August 17, 2011
Hong Kong people's hard work is the key to the city's long-term prosperity and stability.
This was the message from Vice-Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang at a welcome dinner tonight, saying Hong Kong's global reputation and prosperity today is due to the hard work of generations of residents.
“With vision and diligence, the people of Hong Kong are good at seizing opportunities and opening up new ground in business development. They are dedicated to work and are thoroughly professional. This is the secret behind the Hong Kong miracle.”
He advised Hong Kong people to pool their wisdom and work as a team to promote the city's development.
“Hong Kong should pursue harmonious development and make life better for its people, and, in the course of doing so, make itself a more dynamic and innovative city."
He reiterated Hong Kong has the strong support of the Central Government to promote its development.
"The current international environment for development remains a difficult one, and the world faces both rare opportunities and multiple problems and challenges. The recent turbulence in the international financial markets shows the global economic recovery will not be smooth sailing. However, no matter what obstacles and challenges may lie ahead, we are as confident as ever in the future of Hong Kong."
Mr Li said the remarkable achievements Hong Kong has made since its return to the motherland fully demonstrate the scientific concept of the "one Country, two systems policy".
Principal officials, Permanent Secretaries, Legislative Council members, representatives of civil service organisations, and people from various sectors attended the dinner.
Prior to the dinner Mr Li met Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Principal Officials and leaders of the Executive and Legislative Councils, and the Judiciary. He said Hong Kong has maintained its status as international financial, trade and shipping centre, and enjoys prosperity and stability under the leadership of Chief Executive Donald Tsang.
Although there are challenges, Mr Li said the development potential of Hong Kong is bright and the Central Government fully recognises the work of Hong Kong Government. He thanked Mr Tsang and his team for their hard work in helping Hong Kong overcome challenges.