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Policy pledge:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang briefs the media on his final Policy Address.

Policy Address far-reaching: CE

August 03, 2011
Chief Executive Donald Tsang has pledged to do his best in his final Policy Address, saying his policies will not be a stopgap.
Mr Tsang today briefed the media after consulting various organisations, political bodies and other groups on his upcoming Policy Address, the last one of his tenure.
“They want me to make sure it is not a stopgap - a short-term policy address. It must be able to look at long-term, as well as short-term, issues.”
Mr Tsang said he will focus on housing, the wealth gap, the aging population and inflation.
He said he was reminded the global economic situation is unstable and Government policies must ensure employment and a stable economic performance in Hong Kong.
He pledged he will do his best to provide a continuing improvement in Hong Kong's living standard.