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Policy on policy:  Chief Executive Donald Tsang tells legislators the Government works hard to ensure its policies are well thought-out and reflect public sentiment.

CE backs Gov't policy process

July 15, 2011
Before initiating a new policy, the Government will work hard to ensure it is well thought-out, while also making sure the move will reflect public sentiment.
This was the message from Chief Executive Donald Tsang speaking at his Legislative Council question-and-answer session today, adding the Government must stay alert and flexible to the community's opinions.
As Chief Executive, he said he has always been pragmatic and willing to listen to the public. He said since Hong Kong’s political system is executive-led, there is tension between the administration and the legislature, and public opinion becomes an important reference point in decision-making for both political parties and the Government.
However, sometimes even the Government and legislators cannot accurately assess public opinion before launching a new policy, he said, adding today’s political reality is that often policies can be passed by the legislature only after they have been revised according to the latest public opinion.
Mr Tsang said the Government is about to issue a consultation document to prevent lawmakers from resigning without good reason. He emphasised the Government will listen to the views of different political parties, legislators and the community on the matter.