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Poll stroll:  Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam (right) visits the polling station for the Yuen Long District Council Shap Pat Heung North Constituency by-election and chats with its Returning Officer Eric Lau (centre), and Yuen Long District Officer Yeung Tak-keung (left).

Voters get final say: Stephen Lam

June 26, 2011
Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam said the proposed replacement mechanism will work according to the votes cast by electors. The electorate will have the final say.
Speaking to the media after visiting a Yuen Long District Council by-election polling station set up at the Buddhist Wing Yan School in Yuen Long today, Mr Lam said in September 2012, all voters will cast their votes according to the list of candidates they prefer in Geographical Constituencies and the new District Council Functional Constituency.
He said the votes will carry a dual effect. The higher the number of votes secured by a candidate list, the higher the chance of candidates becoming members under that election. The higher the number of remaining votes which are secured by a candidate list, the greater the opportunity of these candidates becoming members in future under the replacement mechanism.
Mr Lam said the mechanism is fair and is supported by the public. The Government hopes to complete the legislative procedures before the summer break of the Legislative Council in mid-July.