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CE backs Michael Suen’s work

April 27, 2011
Chief Executive Donald Tsang says he fully supports Secretary for Education Michael Suen’s decision to stay in his post, adding he has performed well despite his kidney problem.
Mr Tsang today told reporters Mr Suen reported his illness to him and Chief Secretary Henry Tang late last year, assuring his condition and treatment will not affect his work. He made the decision after considering his doctor’s advice, the Chief Executive said, adding Mr Suen can effectively carry out his duties and has not taken long sick leave since he has been diagnosed with the kidney problem.
Praising Mr Suen’s performance, Mr Tsang said he is an experienced, responsible and professional official with good judgement. He has no doubt about Mr Suen's ability and all Education Bureau staff support him.
Admitting senior officials face a heavy workload and increasing pressure, he said not many people are qualified to fill their posts. He reiterated the current system is working well and senior officials will inform the public when illness affects their work.
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